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The Buffalo Soldiers    Motorcycle Club of Charlotte, North Carolina, is a non-profit organization of men and women dedicated to the sport of motorcycling and safety. We support the preservation of African American military history. We ride under the name of the "Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers" to express our pride in, and our respect for the many accomplishments they made, during the decades following the civil war. Instilling that pride in the minds and hearts of our youth of today is our goal. We believe in our youth and believe that our homage to hero's from the past, like the Buffalo Soldiers, will serve to strengthen the values of today's youth.


We are committed to projecting a positive image of ourselves, adhering to, and upholding moral and ethical values by showing respect for each other and the community at large. All members are expected to educate themselves, and their community, on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and to provide a positive image to our African-American youth, and serve as mentors whenever possible. Members are also expected to involve themselves, on behalf of the club, in community service activities. We will continue to look for new avenues to support our community.

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